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Dimensions - Cosmetic Hair Loss Concealer

Hairbond Dimensions

Hair loss can occur in men and women and unfortunately this unwelcome condition can be difficult to hide often lowering people’s confidence and self-esteem. Whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent, due to stress, medical treatments or genetics there is a massive demand for more accessible, over the counter solutions. Hairbond Dimensions is a cosmetic treatment that contains hair building fibres to help effectively conceal thinning hair. Hairbond Dimensions is incredibly easy to use and can create thicker, fuller hair in just 30 seconds. Hairbond Dimensions is conveniently packaged in a shaker pot allowing you to easily distribute the hair building fibres. These fibres are electrostatic so they stick to hair shafts instantly creating density and providing more coverage thus concealing the visibility of the scalp. Hairbond Dimensions Fibres will not stain the scalp and will comfortably stay in place with Dimensions hair spray

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